Факультет «Women's Secrets»


Welcome to the English course for girls only, on Women's Secrets!

In this course you'll discover:
* The Jewish view on women's rights, role, responsibility, and power,
* All you need to understand about yourself as a woman, and what a man really needs from you.
* Top secrets to successful dating, communication, and relationships,

And much more!

Воскресенье с 16:00 до 18:00

Москва, 2-ой Вышеславцев пер. 5а

Московский Еврейский Общинный Центр

7-ой этаж JEWELL club

Религиозная организация ортодоксального иудаизма -

Московская Марьинорощинская  Еврейская Община

Телефон: +7(999) 555-1-613

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